Sunday, November 22, 2009

exhibition 02 o s e i b o

Next "t o o k a" exhibition is coming soon !

Friday evening 17.00-23.00 uhr

4th December 2009

at Dreieck

Gartenhofstrasse 27


Thema: o s e i b o

In Japan, it's a custom to give gifts periodically to people such as co-workers, bosses, relatives, teachers, friends, and so on. The giving of end of year gifts is called oseibo. Department stores display many types and sets of oseibo gifts from November to December. Oseibo are specifically given to pay back favors received during the year.
This time we would like to introduce you a Japanese gift culture. There are many chances to give gifts in Japan. For traditional costumes, season greetings, marriage and also funeral and so on. For each occasion there are also different ways to pack the gifts, which have different meanings behind.
We would also like to introduce Japanese packing culture.

We are happy to have you on this day!

Kana and Tomoko

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